Back to school means back to basics. As your child approaches the new school year with the anticipation of learning lots of new academic skills, it is time to think about what your child needs to learn in terms of life skills. This is a great time to boost self confidence by giving your child the power to be in charge of self. Take time for training, have faith and just let go of some responsibilities.

The morning routine is a great place to begin. Put an alarm clock on your shopping list. Your child can set it, hear it and get up with it. Of course, you can still be there to greet the day with a smile and a hug. Allow your child to choose appropriate dress by putting away all that is inappropriate and limiting the choices. If matching is a problem for you purchase only 3 colors that go together. Have your child get dressed before doing anything else. This saves time and conflict. It doesn’t matter what they look like just appreciate that they are dressed. Breakfast can be a time of limited choices. They can choose what they like within limits, how much they will fix themselves and certainly clean up belongs to them. Begin lunch maker in training sessions. Let your child choose the healthy items to put in the lunch bag. If they pack it chances are they will eat it. It won’t be long before you can celebrate having a “certified” lunch maker. Together select a place to keep what will go out the door to school and what will brought home from school. Use a timer Instead of your voice to help keep track of when it’s time to go. Lateness is disrespectful for everyone. Your child will miss the morning introductions and instructions by arriving late and may feel left out of the loop. Respect your departure time! When it’s time to go, leave! Allow your child to have the experience of not being prepared in order to learn the need to cooperate.

Good luck and happy school year!