parent-education-04As we think of all we have to do we can become stressed and cranky. This is probably the busiest time of year. Most of us are saying there is never enough time. Well interestingly everyone gets 24 hours a day to divide up as we see fit. Decisions are always being made about where we put our time and energy. May I suggest that you seriously think about the benefits of giving your time as a gift to those you love especially your child. A child correlates time with love. Think for a moment about who loved you as a child and you will probably think of somone who spent time with you. Most of us think we need a lot of time to spend with a child but they are happy with short increments as long as they are given regularly and at your offering not their demanding. A child will demand attention from us when they are feeling left out and neglected and they will not mind getting negative attention. Any attention is better than none.

The benefits of giving the gift of time include building a strong parent/child relationship, learning what our child’s hopes, dreams and interests are, taking away our guilt for being too busy with other things, learning how to have fun and reducing our own stress through laughter and joy. Most importantly it conveys to our child how glad we are to have them in our lives and how much we love them. Remember time costs no money and doesn’t have to be gift wrapped. The invitation will always be treasured and the gift will always be remembered.