yvonne-2016Yvonne Nass teaches parents how to unite their family as a group working towards cooperation. She teaches commonsense techniques for taking the stress out of parenting. Her approach is based on effective communication, respect and firm and friendly discipline. Yvonne’s courses are available for adults and young people, (in English and Spanish) and have been individualized for:

  • Teens
  • Parents who want to be comfortable discussing Sexuality with their children
  • Step-parents
  • LGBT community
  • Teenage parents
  • Foster parents
  • Parents of children with special needs
  • Adult children of alcoholics
  • Divorced and separated parents
  • Blended families
  • Caregivers
  • Working parents
  • Parents of children birth to age three
  • Incarcerated parents
  • and classes especially for fathers

She has also developed workshops and training courses for teachers, nurses, speech and hearing specialists, nutritionists, day care providers, grandparents, and volunteers.

Yvonne’s interest in parent education began forty years ago while she was parenting three young children and not enjoying the job. She was not comfortable with her parenting techniques, but did not know what else to do. After attending a parenting class she fell in love with the idea of reaching other parents and offering them the same kind of help she had received.

Her non-judgmental teaching style and common-sense approach, endears her to parents/caregivers and teachers alike. She considers herself a child-advocate and teaches all her classes with the child’s emotional needs in mind. The resulting changes create a healthy family unit and classroom environment.

Yvonne has a special passion for parents/caregivers raising a family in transition. She enjoys assisting blended families going through special situations and challenges, such as the arrival of a new sibling, the separation or divorce of parents, or the death of a parent/caregiver.

Her biggest joy is to assist in building the self-esteem of a child that is struggling emotionally and socially in school. Working together with the parents, teacher, and school administration, Yvonne helps to bring the purpose of the child’s behavior to the conscious level and then supports everyone involved to help the child feel a sense of belonging and find a more useful place. Her teachings focus on prevention before correction.

In the early 1970s Yvonne became a study group leader with the Family Education Center of DE, Inc. and then entered a Counselor in Training Program to receive her certification as an Adlerian Family Counselor. Since then, she has continued her education at the University of Vermont, VT., Bowie State College, MD., Neumann College, PA. and the University of Delaware, DE. In 1988 she earned a certification as a Delaware Level II Parent Educator.

Yvonne teaches balance to all the families and schools she works with and to achieve balance in her own life, when she is not working with families she enjoys reading, socializing with friends, cooking, listening to music of all kinds, traveling, yoga, and spending quality time with her 12-year-old great-grandson she is raising.

Yvonne is a parent, stepparent, grandparent and great-grandparent.