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Blending a Family: Step-Families-Stresses and Rewards

Set realistic expectations and learn to accept, to relax and to enjoy the process of blending a new family unit. A step-family is a different kind of family. It does not operate like a nuclear family. False hopes about it “should” be like can leanass-kids-01d to disappointment, negative feelings and hurt. The focus of this program is to help those involved with raising other people’s children debunk the myths associated with
blending a family.

Understanding Adolescence

Join other parents in understanding how to support your teen and bridge one of the most stressful time periods for parent and child. Adolescence is an on-going process from puberty to adulthood during which teens recycle earlier stages of development, resolve developmental tasks, and prepare to
separate from their parents.

Parents who live in separate residences can raise successful, well-adjusted children. Adults often play “pain games” that hurt those they love the most. Learn how to co-parent effectively and how to maintain a healthy partnership. Statistics have proven it is not divorce that hurts children, it is the manner in which parents resolve the issues. Learn how to co-parent with your former spouse and create peace for your child/ren.

Sexuality and Your Child

Part of the job of a parent is to help a child grow and develop as a sexual human being. This program gives parents a clear understanding of normal sexual development and to how to handle questions and curiosity. It offers an opportunity for a frank discussion on establishing boundaries that keep a child safe.

Managing Anger In The Family

If stress and anger are part of your family life, come learn how to handle it without hurting each other. This program will focus on understanding the anatomy of anger, recognizing the purpose of anger and exploring strategies to deal with anger in a way that demonstrates respect for self and others.

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