nass-kids-01Here are some shocking statistics I found and wanted to share as I prepared to lead a workshop on, How to Talk to Your Children About Sexuality.

  1. Delaware is #1 in sexual experience in youth
  2. Delaware is #2 in sexually active youth
  3. Delaware is #3 in youth having multiple sex partners
  4. Delaware is #4 in early teen sex before age 13.
  5. 22% of Delaware middle school students have had sexual intercourse
  6. Nearly 1/2 oa Delaware High School students are sexually active.
  7. By 12th grade almost 3/4 have had sexual intercourse
  8. 7% of 12th grade girls have been pregnant at least once

We can no longer ignore our children’s sexual development. Our silence on the subject allows them to learn their information, values and feelings from outside influences including peers and the media. Your silence is dangerous. To keep our children safe we need to actively encourage this part of their growth and development by taking all the golden opportunities to share correct information, convey our values and let them know how we feel. Our children’s curiosity about their bodies begin at birth. There are plenty of books available for children of all ages and even for you to help you feel more comfortable. So, put your courage cap on and open up the conversation on this very important part of childrearing.