Reassuring and eye-opening.
Parent of a 15 year old daughter and 9 year old son

parent-education-imagesI loved that all of us could freely bring up our concerns and ideas. The topics of each session are so relevant to my role as a parent of adolescents. Thank you, Yvonne!! You are a wealth of priceless and practical information!
Mother of 2 teens

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Would like an opportunity to continue in some way! I truly appreciated the wonderful insights that have opened my eyes to better ways to parent healthy and happy kids!
Mother of a 15 year old, 12 year old and 7 year old

This class was great and a huge help! The key points were presented well and everyone was very open in sharing problems and solutions.
Mother of a 2 year old special needs child

Yvonne was great! Shared her personal experiences to drive home points; did respect me and my feelings and values, did not tell me what to do, but how to get results. Wow! I want to take the course again to make sure I didn’t miss anything! Thank you!!!
Mother of a 2 year old special needs child

The classes were extremely helpful and informative, Yvonne is lively and animated. I am able to take the information and put it into practice and I’ve seen positive results when interacting with my son.
Mother of a 3 year old special needs child

I think this class provided a good alternative to authoritative parenting that still teaches discipline but fosters a more healthy relationship with the child. I learned a lot about myself.
Dad of a 6 year old son and 2 year old triplets.

I just want to thank you for teaching me so many helpful things, so that I won’t hurt my children.
Mother of 4 girls ages 2 years to 7 years

I learned so much, each time I learned one or more than one new technique and I also learned that no matter how one was raised it is not always the best way or the correct way. Thanks!
Mother of 2 boys ages 11 and 7

This class was extremely helpful and put various challenges with our children in a different light. It was logical and everything I learned and have tried at home has worked. Loved the class. I would recommend it to any parent.
Mother of a 5 year old

As a result of this class my relationship with my kids changed dramatically. The lessons I learned, less confrontation, be consistent, spending time with children (valuable time!!) will bring a lot more peace to my family and of course happiness.
Mother of 2 boys 5 years and 3 years of age

The course has made a noticeable improvement in my life and I hope to take future classes.
Father of a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter

This class has been such a great help for us. We have been able to use almost all the information to help us in helping our son grow into a wonderful, self-disciplined child.
Mom of Dad of a 5 year old son

“From parenting classes when my children were toddlers to step-family classes years later. Yvonne Nass has provided me and my family with the tools and insight to not only cope with the normal ‘bumps in the road’ – but also to strengthen our family and help us all to understand each others’ perspectives in many ways. I have found many of Yvonne’s family skills useful in other areas of life and work. My family and I will be forever grateful for the time we spent learning from Yvonne.”
From a Dad

“Coming to your parenting class was like a trip to the spa every week. I left your group with such hope that I could succeed in doing a better job of parenting and that I was not the only parent who struggled, indeed some were far worse off than I. I loved how you always asked us to share new and GOOD at the start of every meeting. It made us focus on the progress not the problem. Somehow you taught me boundaries with that as well. You have always been supportive and empowering and I always feel good when I see you. I wish there was one of you for each parent to take home from the hospital with their newborn.”
Mom and Nurse Practitioner

“Yvonne makes you feel like you can tell her anything about your child – no matter how terrible or embarrassing it may be – she gives you advice in a kind, understanding manner so that you do not fee offended. She encourages you. I attended her parent class at Westminster Church when my son was 3 and have been asking her advice ever since. Yvonne has helped to make me a better parent. She is a remarkable gal with great parenting skills and a lot of common sense. I have recommended her to all my friends!”
From a Mom

“Yvonne has helped us considerably with the constant challenge of blending a family. Our children have tested our strength and have tugged on every string possible to create havoc, or in their minds “needed attention.” Since our children are so far apart in age, it seemed like they would get along one minute and be at each other the next. We have had extreme moments and each day has brought a different bridge to cross. But with the help of Yvonne, she has given us a positive action plan and to be strong in our commitment to each other. Yvonne has given us insight on how to be patient and what course to try when we do come to a crossroad. Although our family is a work in progress it has been getting better each and every day. Without direction of Yvonne’s understanding of how blended families work, we would definitely have lost focus on the big picture and that is remaining strong as a parent team. Thank You!
Parents of his, her’s and ours.

Yvonne Nass brings common sense and a sensitive approach to parenting questions. Her good humor, charm and clear vision for children and their parents make working with her both enlightening and enjoyable.
From a Mom and a teacher

Yvonne is able to take the valuable work of Rudolph Dreikurs and others to create real, practical tools that work. She clearly understands enormous changes in parenting over the generations and she is sensitive to present day challenges. Yvonne balances her workshops by teaching useful skills and providing a safe place for parents to be heard as they exchange ideas openly. She draws on vast personal experience with warmth, humility and a much needed sense of humor! Thank you!
Mother of two

Yvonne has helped our family be “more in harmony” with each other. Instead of screaming, we now listen and work together as a unit. Yvonne has taught the parents how to set limits with our son, reasonable limits, that have made a dramatic improvement inour sons demeanor. He feels in control of his life, albeit guided skillfully by the parents words. It truly is amazing how by changing words around, instead of demanding, you can achieve success with a toddler. We continue to bring instances and reactions to Yvonne, and she always teaches/inspires us in ways we did not think of.
Dad of a 4 year old

‘Not only does Yvonne listen well and place my thoughts into a fresh context for me, she always leaves me with a few helpful plans of action to use in my daily life. I am especially grateful for the positive impact she has had on my relationship with my teenage son.’
Mother of a teenage son.